Wireless Security Excuse Bingo

Thanks to a retweet by Travis Goodspeed of a retweet by digitalbond and originally by SCADAhacker, I was reminded of Jutta Degener and Matt Blaze’s security excuse bingo, and agree that it would be entertaining (and somewhat disconcerting probably) to compile a wireless security excuse bingo board, focused specifically on the technologies and the resulting answers used in wireless sensor networks and SCADA systems, etc — as this relates to my IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee focus of late.

I’d like to gather input from those of you who work or have interaction with this field, and I bet an interesting list may result. I’ll post my suggestions in comments as well, and a running list can be started.

Then, when we get enough good ones, I’ll throw a board together if it looks interesting.

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