Dartmouth Name Directory

Dartmouth College uses a system called the Dartmouth Name Directory to handle centralized authentication and to serve as an email directory. This system is closely tied to the rather odd BlitzMail system which is used for all students and staff to do email. The BlitzMail system is compatible to send and recieve regular email, however, it is not a regular sendmail or postfix server like is normally used. The specalized servers can accept a name, say “Ryan Speers” in the “to” field, and can translate that into sending it to me. It can also accept “rms” and “rmspeers” as pointing to me as well as I have defined these aliases. This functionality is great, but is only avalible within the BlitzMail client. Other email programs, like Thunderbird, will not allow you to address an email to only “rms”. The LDAP connection to the DND is a step in the right direction, but only works for full names, not the aliases. An ideal system would allow a client like Thunderbird or Apple Mail to fully use the power of the DND. For now, this doesn’t seem to exist. Any thoughts on creating this are welcome.

For now, I use a DND search plugin for Firefox (should also work in IE, etc). This has the full functionality and I suggest installing it if you are a Dartmouth user. You can my implementation here.