Northern New England Metropolitian Medical Response System Website

This is a website ( based on Drupal which is designed to serve two purposes. First is the goal of providing information the the public. The second part of the site is designed to provide members of the response team with information on news, upcoming events, training, and other team documents. The theme is based on Jaded with a modified CSS and images, and the site uses a variety of modules linked together. It also contains a number of custom-written Views.

DebateNet by

During my time in the Junior State of America, a debate organization, I noticed the inefficient method of signing up debaters and manageing debates for conventions. I created a system called PETE, which allowed users to create accounts and request debates, after which administrators would approve users for debates on a debate list which they had entered.

After this system was in operation for six months or so, I had seen many improvements I wanted to make to it, and at the same time realized to make this a great professional product in a short period of time, I needed another developer to work with me. One day, I began coding the new version which is called DebateNet with Mark Bao as my co-developer. We built the current version which has had many revisions, and are marketing it under the company Continue reading