PCB/Assembled Board Requests

Here you can send requests for Api-Mote boards and information. Use the below form. Contact me if questions.

Also, as a contributer to, and a big user of the GoodFET PCB line (including the Facedancer) by Travis Goodspeed, I’ve arranged with Travis and a combination of a commercial fabrication house and manual soldering to provide boards for people who lack the time, tools, or training to assemble boards themselves (if you want just the bare PCBs, get these from Travis).

Currently, through River Loop Security, a large run of GoodFET41s is being produced on a manufacturing line! Final pricing TBA.

For other boards, such as Facedancers, etc — depending on what you need, and how fast, cost will be the board and parts costs, plus a slight surcharge for assembly and shipping. We don’t want cost to prevent neighbors from having good hardware (needless to say, if you’re buying for a company/etc, paying a little extra is appreciated to support stuff like equipment overhead). Knowing demand in advance is critical to us keeping cost low and involving commercial fabrication when needed to support large volume, so let us know what you’d be interested in:

PCB Orders
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